Adenium Multiforum


Size: over 20 cm



Adenium Multiforum

Origin and Habitat: Adenium multiflorum is widespread in Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi, south-eastern Zambia, north-eastern South Africa (Transvaal, Natal) and Swaziland.
Altitude range: 0–700(1.200) meters above sea level.
Habitat and ecology: This species grows at low altitudes in savanna and occasionally open forest, in hot dry areas in sandy places along marshes and rivers, and on brackish flats or rocky habitats. It flowers in winter when most of the surrounding vegetation is rather dull. It is threatened by collection for horticulture, medicinal uses and by heavy browsing by livestock. Where browsed extensively they tend to be small and shrubby. In protected areas, however, they can become handsome trees. In the Zimbabwe lowveld south of Mutate there is an old specimen that measures 7 m around the base. Flowering in habitat occurs between May and December.


Common Names include:
ENGLISH: impala lily, Sabie star, kudu lily, Sabi star,
AFRIKAANS (Afrikaans): impalalelie
RUSSIAN (Русский): Адениум многоцветковый



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