Alocasia silver dragon


Alocasia also known as “Silver Dragon”, is a compact plant (unlike its bigger cousins), however, its leaves, with their contrasting blend of dark and light greens, are just as attractive. This is a smaller tropical elephant ear that grows best in warm, moist areas and does especially well indoors.

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Alocasia silver dragon

Alocasia Silver Dragon is an extraordinary plant that is considered more difficult to find (and therefore rare) as an indoor plant. With remarkable silvery, textured leaves, this plant is named for the foliage that resembles dragon scales. As a member of the Aroid family, this special plant is beloved for its peculiarity and is part of the “Jewel Alocasia” series of plants. The Alocasia Silver Dragon is a phenomenal houseplant that’s gaining popularity with collectors and plant lovers alike— and with good reason, just look at it!

Scientific Name: Alocasia baginda ‘Silver Dragon

Origin: Variant; plant parent native  usa


With majestic, silver coated, scale-like leaves, the Alocasia Silver Dragon is a sight to behold. True to its name, the Alocasia Silver Dragon looks like it was plucked right from the mythical creature itself. And the epithet, baginda, translates to ‘King’ or ‘Majesty’ denoting a royal-like significance of this plant.

New leaves emerge relatively small and smooth, featuring a jade-green hue. As the leaf matures, it grows significantly larger, developing a shield-like shape with grooves and donning a silvery-sage color. The Silver Dragon stays fairly compact with the plant reaching about 2 feet tall and wide. The leaves themselves can reach up to about 8 inches long by 6 inches wide— which relative to the plant’s small stature, is quite large! When this plant is in its utmost condition, it can bloom an inflorescence (though this is rare indoors).

Indoor Care:  


Preferring medium to bright levels of light, Alocasia Silver Dragon will require indirect light, out of reach of the sun’s direct rays. Direct sunlight can (quite quickly) burn the leaves of this more sensitive houseplant. More specifically, a west or east facing window will usually provide the correct amount of sunlight.

As far as temperature goes, make sure to keep the room consistently warm around this plant. Typically any temperature that is comfortable to you indoors will be fine for the plant too (between 65 and 80 degrees). In addition, keep the Alocasia Silver Dragon away from drafty areas or heat sources (like windows, vents, fans, radiators) as this can irritate and stress the plant.


Alocasia Silver Dragon will benefit from staying slightly damp throughout the soil. We recommend watering only once the top layer of soil has started to dry out. There’s a fine line though between saturated and damp, so it’s imperative to make sure that the plant isn’t overly wet as this will cause root issues (and potential death). Too little moisture means that the plant will start to display signs of dryness like brown, crispy leaf tips.

When it comes to humidity, Alocasia Silver Dragon will need higher levels (around 50-80%). Most homes tend to hover around 30% natural humidity level, so depending on your unique indoor environment, you may need to supplement with extra moisture in the air. This can be achieved through placing a humidifier near the plant, or providing the plant with a pebble tray filled halfway with water (always make sure there’s no water touching the roots or bottom of the soil). Some people prefer lightly misting the leaves, but if you go this route, you will likely need to mist daily to make a difference. In addition, overly misting the leaves of your Alocaisa Silver Dragon may cause other issues. Due to the leaf anatomy, sometimes water and moisture can accumulate in the grooves and sit on the leaves. When this happens for an extended period, water issues ensue and can lead to eventual leaf loss.



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