Creeping Fig, Ficus Pumila, Variegated, Live Indoor Plant, 6 or 8in Hanging Basket


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Creeping Fig

Ficus pumila or Creeping fig is a tiny- leafed plant native to Japan, Vietnam and China. Also called a Ficus Repens, it is an excellent table plant, hanging plant, or climbing plant.Among the most popular picks is ficus pumila, otherwise known as creeping fig. Unlike its larger, woody-stemmed cousins, which want to grow into towering trees, creeping fig is a mostly well-behaved vining plant. Native to Asia, it can be grown in terrariums or used as a ground cover in larger pots, where it will prettily cascade over the sides of the pot.

Creeping fig is an eager climber and can withstand aggressive trimming much more than finicky varietals like English ivy. It’s best planted in fall and will grow slowly at first, picking up pace as it matures. It can eventually reach lengths of up to 15 feet in length. Variegated Ficus Repens Pumila, in a hanging basket, for both outdoor or indoor use.

Plant Care
• Easy to care house plant, Great for indoor, apartment or office
• Watering: Best to water once or twice a week, or as top soil feels dry.
• Lighting: Best to keep indoor, if outdoor place in indirect sun light under Shade.
• Hand picked and shipped direct from our Nursery

Plant Benefits
• Filter indoor air by absorbing toxins, and removing harmful chemicals
• Boost mood, productivity, concentration and creativity
• Reduce stress, Fatigue and Allergies
• Add life to a given space
• Plants are therapeutic and cheaper than a therapist

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6in Basket-(14-17"), 8in Basket (17-20") (USD 34.97)


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