Encephalartos Dyerianus


A rare blue leaved African cycad, vigorous in cultivation, existing as a single colony in the north of South Africa. Very rarely grown. Blue/green cones, erect uniform blue leaves. Stunning feature plant. Makes offsets readily. One of the very choicest cycads available. Highly endangered. Sun or shade. Can handle long periods of hot dry conditions.



Encephalartos Dyerianus

Extremely Rare Blue South African Transvaal Encephalartos cycad. This cycad is critically endangered in habitat and has only been found in habitat growing on a single hillside in the Northern Transvaal Province.  It is not frequently offered for sale in the USA due to the fact that there are not many of coning size. Those that are of coning size often cone infrequently. You are bidding on 1 Encephalartos Dyerianus cycad 2 leaf seedling that is similar to, and from the same seed batch as, the cycad in photograph #1 of this listing.  We have also included photos of mature Encephalartos dyerianus specimens for your reference. This cycad needs excellent drainage


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