Encephalartos Arenarius 2piece



Encephalartos Arenarius ( Green )

Size 4 cm

We are able to take orders starting from 2pieces.

Available 2 plants

Price 367 USD/Plant

( Excluded Cites Export Permit , Phytonitary and EMS Cost )



Encephalartos Arenarius

A smallish, clustering cycad with a short stem and a crown of very spiky, bluish or dark green leaves that are recurved at the tip. It is native to coastal scrub on sandy soils in South Africa’s Eastern Cape Province. Encephalartos Arenarius is easily grown from seeds or offsets and adapts easily to cultivation in frost free warm temperate or tropical climates. It can also be successfully kept as a potted plant. Fresh seeds need several months to mature before sowing. Encephalartos seeds should be sown on the surface of a seed bed rather than buried completely.


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