Encephalartos Horridus Dwarf (Broad leaf)


E.Horridus Dwarf(Broad leaf)

Size: Caudex 8cm



Encephalartos Horridus Dwarf

Encephalartos Horridus Dwarf, the Eastern Cape blue cycad, is a small, low-growing cycad up to 0.9 m (3.0 ft) high and 0.9 m (3.0 ft) wide. It is a native of Eastern Cape Province, South Africa, and found in arid shrublands, most commonly on ridges and slopes with shallow soils.

We are proud to offer Dwarf Form Encephalartos Horridus that are offspring of pups from the actual famed South African Hewson Collection. The parent plants have an incredibly beautiful gnarly, sharp and thorny form that is mistakenly E. Horridus.  We have included seedling as well as mature Hewson parent plants in the photo section. You are bidding on one 1 leaf Encephalartos horridus dwarf form Hewson seedling.

Extremely rare encephalartos cycad up for auction.  You are bidding on 1 Encephalartos Horridus DWARF FORM cycad seedling that is California grown.   This is not the standard Horridus but is instead the extremely rare dwarf form.  Perfect for smaller spaces in your yard or for rare encephalartos collectors who already have the standard Horridus form.  The leaves are already ice blue even as a seedling.  The caudex is less than one inch.  Excellent for xeriscaping.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  (Hablo espanol).  Shipping discount on second cycad if you purchase two.

Welcome to Ice Blue Cycads Nursery.  We specialize in rare, blue and hard to get cycads.  We aim to provide perfect customer service, and leave you 100% satisfied with your cycad purchase.  We are a proud member of The Cycad Society (TCS), which is dedicated to preservation and propagation of rare and endangered cycads.  We hope to be able to meet all of your cycad needs.

Important Instructions for when you receive your plant.

1) Pot up or plant out your cycad in a well draining mix immediately.  Do not leave it at the post office or wait to open your box.  Have your potting medium ready to go.  For experienced cycad growers we suggest that you use your best well draining cycad mix.  For beginners you can use a Big Box store Cactus or Palm mix, but make sure to amend it with something that will improve it’s drainage. i.e. pumice, perlite, vermiculite, sand.  It is critical that your mix is well draining.  As a rule of thumb blue cycads like 2/3 inorganics 1/3 organics and green cycads from tropical environments do well with about a 50/50 ratio of organics to inorganics.

2) Acclimate your cycad.  Even if you have purchased a full sun ice blue cycad it is of utmost importance that you slowly acclimate your cycad.  If not the leaves on your cycad may burn, and in extreme circumstances, your cycad can die.  Unless you live in a zone with below freezing temperatures, start by placing your cycad outside of the greenhouse but still in the shade with morning sun at most.  Then slowly move your cycad to locations that get more afternoon sun exposure.  As your cycad gets used to more and more sun without burning you can eventually move it to a permanent full sun exposure location.  This is especially important if you receive your cycad in the middle of summer when temperatures are high.

This cycad will be shipped covered by spaghnum moss, and taped down to the box.  No international shipping.  We can not provide a phytosanitary certificate.  We can not be held responsible if your plant is seized en route.  We guarantee that we will do everything possible to ensure that your cycad is shipped to you in healthy condition and that you are completely satisfied with your order.

If there is a cycad or palm that you would like please send us an email letting us know what you are looking for.  We will try our best to see if we can procure it at a competitive price for you.


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