Encephalartos Longifolius


The Encephalartos longifolius is a gorgeous cycad and a favorite among cycad collectors because of its blue coloration potential and the fact that its wide leaflets lose their marginal spines for a gorgeously smooth look.  Often the leaflets will lose their spiny tips and become blunt with age.  This cycad prefers well draining soil and deep but infrequent waterings.  Perfect for a xeriscaping or succulent garden.



Encephalartos Longifolius

Encephalartos longifolius is a low-growing palm-like cycad in the family Zamiaceae. It is endemic to South Africa and is commonly known as Thunberg’s cycadbreadpalm or broodboom. This cycad is listed as near threatened in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

The bread palm grows up to three meters tall and develops a very thick trunk with age. This is crowned with dark or metallic green, semi-glossy, arching leaves up to two meters long and moderately keeled. The leaflets are lanceolate, overlapping upwards and have smooth margins. There are one to three green, ovoid male cones up to sixty centimeters long and twenty centimeter’s in diameter. A similar number of green female cones are more robust with a diameter of up to forty centimeter’s. The seeds are red and can reach five centimeter’s long.


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