Manijula Pothos ‘Epipremnum Aureum Variegata’


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Manijula Pothos

Manijula pothos ‘Epipremnum Aureum Variegata’. Mother plant not for sale.

Some cuttings will come rooted others will be freshly cut from the mother plant.

Each cutting will have at least 2 nodes with aerial roots. Cuttings can range from small, medium to large.

Add sphagnum moss to aid in root protection and rooting process

Manijula pothos like its cousin the golden pothos is extremely easy to care for. The variegation is a beautiful cream to white to light green to a bit of a darker green. Watch out when putting by a window the variegation burns super easy. Water when the leaf’s faint or the soil is super dry. I water all my pothos with worm castings every other watering. I noticed they really like to be bottom watered also. I give all my pothos medium light during the day and they get bright evening light everyday. When rooting the cuttings they do great in all medias rooting is pretty quick.

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1 Cutting, 2 Cutting, Sphagnum moss


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