Monstera Aurea


This “plant” will come “bare root” meaning they will come outside of the 4″ pot and foam that the stems will be stuck into. This is to prevent damage to the paper plant and allow for the most secure packaging. Instructions are included in how to care for your plant and set it up.


Monstera Aurea For Sale

Buy Monstera Aurea (Monstera deliciosa), also known as a leaf of the vine or split-leaf philodendron, is a tropical plant native to Mexico and Central America. It is a member of the monstera family, which also includes the paw tree, ginseng, and heartleaf philodendron. The plant gets its name from its thick, irregularly shaped leaves, which when unfolded resemble the face of a monster.

monstera aurea cutting

Many of the plants in our homes have been passed down through families for decades. But nothing brings back memories like cutting a leaf from an heirloom plant. Particularly when it comes to monstera aurea.

What is monstera aurea?

Monstera aureas can be kept in a vase, but it’s best to grow them in a pot. During the spring and summer, keep their soil moist and feed them with slow-release fertilizer every two weeks. Water them once or twice a day, but avoid getting water on their leaves. Because of its brittle stem, be careful when moving a monstera; if you pick it up by the stem, wrap your hand in a cloth first. If you live in an area where nighttime temperatures drop below freezing, bring your monsteras inside for the winter to protect them from frost damage; keep their soil evenly moist until they begin growing again in spring.

Monstera aurea is a flowering plant species in the Araceae family. Monsteras are evergreen climbing vines that grow slowly and have glossy, heart-shaped leaves that are 12-30 cm long and 8-12 cm wide. They can grow to be up to 15 meters long (50 ft). The flowers appear in the spring and summer on an inflorescence of 2-6 orders, each with one to three stalked flowers. When they die, their bright orange fruits fall to the ground and last all winter. They are only available as houseplants or container plants because they cannot survive outdoors year-round in mild winter climates.

care tips for monstera aurea

monstera aurea

Monstera Aurea For Sale are well-known for their lush foliage and decorative appeal, but they are also among the most difficult plants to cultivate. Patience is essential when it comes to monsteras; even mature plants can take months to bloom. Taking a leaf cutting of your monstera aurea and growing it into a new plant is a great way to speed up blooming time. However, there are a few things you should know about how to propagate a monster before you begin. It may appear difficult at first, but don’t worry; we have everything you need to get started!

What is the difference between Albo and Aurea?

If you’re looking to buy a Monstera Aurea For Sale but aren’t sure if you want albo or aureo varieties, here are some key things to look for to see if you’re looking at an albo variety. An albo plant’s leaf will have two or three white markings on each side of a vein; an aureo plant’s leaf will have three or four variegations running down each side of that vein. The placement is consistent from leaf to leaf, but on smaller leaves, it can be difficult to see.

Where to Place Your New Monstera

When deciding where to plant your new Monstera aurea, consider how much light it will receive at various times of day. Consider this when placing your plant if you want more greenery on one side than the other—leaving more light on one side may result in more foliage there and less on the other. For example, if you’re putting a low-light plant against a window, move it closer to the window so more light falls on one side; if necessary, shift that side as well to avoid missing any spots. Similarly, if you want more foliage in shadier areas of your home or office, consider paying special attention to those leaves.

How to Keep Your Monstera aurea Alive Longer

You must feed your Monstera aurea on a regular basis if you want it to live longer. We recommend that you feed your plant once every two weeks. You can use any organic fertilizer you want (however some fertilizers may kill your plant). When using chemical-based fertilizer, make sure to follow all instructions because they can be harmful if not used correctly. Let’s look at some simple ways to feed your monster! Making Use of Ice Cubes: Simply fill an ice cube tray with water and add whatever nutrients you want to feed your Monstera aureans. Once these cubes have frozen, remove them from the tray and place them directly into the soil around the plant’s root base or into already formed holes from other feeding option.


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