Odora Variegated Variegata Aroid Tropical House Plant-Alocasia Macrorrhiza



Odora Variegated

Odora Variegated Variegata Aroid Tropical House Plant. Alocasia Odora Variegata is a standing plant, with huge leaves on widely spreading stalks. As such, they need room to grow both vertically and horizontally. The odora is a dwarf Alocasia that will grow to approximately 3 feet tall. It’s a perfect Alocasia for indoor growers. Thrives in bright shade.


  • It originates from the Araceae family, making it a cousin of most indoor plants native to tropical regions of Asia and Australia. It is closely related to Colocasia (taro) in looks. However, it is not edible.
  • First, it is an ever-growing plant, maintaining full foliage throughout the year. It thrives less in winter but can sustain itself if we take proper care of it. (Forthcoming)
  • The leaves; all that this plant has is its leaves. They are huge, perfectly heart-shaped, held upright by solid and sturdy base stems, providing a broad canvas for a wide range of beautiful white and dark green striations. Having a semi-matte finish, they present a bluish-green shine.

They have the most versatile variegations that differ on each leaf, making every one of them unique. Some show a camouflage effect; several have layers of white and lime green, and a small number of them are entirely white, looking like snowflakes.

A few among them have a total impact; they look appealing with solid white color, camo texture, spots and splashes, mint, dark, and silvery green layering all in one. If you see them for a long time, you get lost in the gorgeous dimensions of the variations that they display.

Best Guide: Odora Variegated Care

Starting with the lights,

1. Lighting Up The Lily

If we talk about the “night-scented lily” version or the Alocasia Odora, it flourishes best in partial sunshade or indirect bright sunlight, so it is perfect for indoors.

But the varied version, Alocasia Odora Variegata, contains white striations. This thing changes the whole game. As everybody knows, the sun is the primary energy source for plants, and to utilize that energy for making glucose, plants have a green photosynthetic pigment known as chlorophyll.

Therefore, leaves are the sites where photosynthesis takes place. So, if a plant is packed with many variegations, mainly white, it means that it does not have the full potential to produce glucose.

This thing significantly hinders a plant’s growth.

For this reason, you should place your variegated Odora in bright sunlight. They can withstand bright direct sunlight for a few hours in the morning; after that, you should place them in partial sunshade because too much direct sunlight can burn the leaves. It is essential to stress them to maintain their healthy colors and striations.



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