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Peperomia Obtusifolia Albomarginata Variegated

The stunning Peperomia Obtusifolia Albomarginata Variegated Plant is a truly gorgeous evergreen, boasting striking variegated foliage in peppered creamy yellows and emerald green tones. The fleshy, blunt leafed foliage is often mistaken as a succulent due to her thick leaves storing water (less watering!).

Light, Temperature & Humidity

Say it with me EASY. CARE. Yep, so easy care she gets capital letters. Just like cheerful green Peperomia obtusifolia, and the mottled green variegated version, the green & pale lemon, super-variegated Peperomia obstusifolia ‘Albo Marginata’ is almost succulent-level easy care.

Plenty of bright indirect light is this girl’s happy place. You can chuck in a couple of hours of direct sunlight for the extra variegated babes, but we stick to winter sunlight, or in summer, morning light rather than hot afternoon summer sun, just to be safe. We wouldn’t put the solid or darker greener varieties in direct sun though. Keep it medium to bright for those chaps.

These babes do enjoy it on the humid side. A typical humid kiwi summer is all good, but if your home’s on the dry side in winter – maybe you have a fire, heat pump, HRV or DVS running – consider a bit of a mist every so often, or a pebble tray or humidifier. Not a biggie though, she’s a trouper.

As for temperature, you guessed it, she’s pretty chill in that regard too. If you’re comfortable she’ll be sweet. A range around 18 to 24 degrees is her happy place, but down to about 10 degrees isn’t a biggie if the rest of her conditions are all good. Ours handle both cooler and hotter than that with ease, but we do run a humidifier which helps.


We’ve got our Pep gang in a mix of different soils. In general though about 2/3rds potting mix and 1/3rd perlite or succulent / orchid mix is the way to go. Free-draining mixed with a bit of water retention is a happy balance. A pot with a drainage hole is a must whatever soil you go for. No wet feet!


Those gorgeous thick, glossy, smooth leaves and sturdy stems are water magnets, keeping her well hydrated even when she fully dries out. Over-watering is way more of an issue than neglect for the Peperomia Obtusifolia Albomarginata Variegated, so if you’re not sure if she needs watering again, don’t. We’re not saying cactus-level dry though!  Water less often in winter (every 2 weeks or so depending on conditions), than in summer (water about weekly), and check the top half or so of her soil is dry before you next water. If in doubt, wait and check in a few more days / next week. How many plants can you say that about?!

Pet safe?

Yes! The Peperomia Obtusifolia Albo Marginata is pet safe.


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