Rare Curly Boston Crinkle Fern (6 inch) Emina Fern Full Plant


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Rare Curly Boston Crinkle Fern

Reminder: I am always ‘purging’ plants (discounting randomly) so keep an eye out on what interests you. Take your time to read over the shop policies and if you do not agree with them please do not purchase.

This listing is growers choice. All plants will be of similar size/amount of leaves exactly as pictured. I will pick the plant upon time of shipment. Keep in mind they might have grown more by shipping time.

Curly Boston Crinkle Fern as pictured, full and will fit a 6 inch pot. Makes for a perfect and unique house plant and will thrive in filtered light. Please remember that without upgrading your order to expedited next day shipping you are acknowledging that your order is final sale.

Policies and FAQ:

All plants are shipped healthy with no known defects, but shipping live plants have associated risk. Plants have imperfections and it is common for some species to lose leaves and/or yellow leaves due to the stress of shipping. Please remain positive as these plants need the appropriate time to recover and they will bounce back. Rotting of the roots is also a common occurrence with the shipment of plants. Cuttings are prone to rotting especially if they are delayed in transit, so have that in mind when purchasing a plant without an established root system.

Similar to food and animals, plants are live perishable items/goods. When these items are shipped there is a variety of factors that contribute to damage/death. These factors include extreme temperatures, shipping delays and mishandling/ loss of the package by the shipping courier. As these are factors out of our control, the perishable item is not guaranteed if it is shipped via regular mail and not next day shipping.

By purchasing this plant you agree to the policies stated in this listing. FAQ’s are below:

How much does expedited/next day shipping cost?
We offer UPS next day for an additional $32 in the shop (the UPS ground option costs an additional $5 and takes 2-7 days to arrive). Etsy does not offer UPS, so you will not see the selection in checkout. We will purchase the shipping label for you directly with UPS. To purchase expedited/next day shipping make sure to add this listing to your cart with your purchase. Here is the link to the UPS next day shipping listing:

How does the shipping process work?
Plants will be shipped Monday to Wednesday to avoid shipping delays over the weekend. They will be shipped semi bare root or bare root depending on shipping availability/safety. Remember to have a pot with well draining soil/potting medium ready for the plant upon its arrival. Processing time is 3-5 business days after you place your order.

What happens if my plant arrives damaged due to shipping delays, temperature damage due to extreme temperatures out of our control or mishandling/loss of the package by the shipping courier?
Most packages are insured up to $100 with the shipping courier (not the shop). If there is any damage to the plant caused by the shipping process that falls under the responsibility of the shipping courier, they are liable for the shipping delay and damage. The buyer (not the shop ) will have to file a claim directly with the shipping courier to claim any type of reimbursement from them. This also applies to lost or stolen packages, the shipping courier is liable (not the shop). It is the responsibility of the buyer to submit the claim with the shipping courier.

How does the shipping process work for international shipments outside of the USA?
Shipping internationally is a risk if the plants are not shipped with a phyto sanitary certificate. Please ensure that as the buyer you are aware of your countries policies for international shipping/customs and to advise the shop of these policies at time of order. By shipping internationally without phyto sanitary certificates you are taking a risk in the package potentially not arriving.

Additional information

Bare root or in nursery pot

Bare root, In nursery pot


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