String of Hearts Ceropegia woodii. 4.5 potted plant



String of Hearts Ceropegia woodii

This adorable trailing plant offers delicate heart-shaped foliage that makes it perfect for a hanging basket.

Water: As a succulent, these plants like to be watered sparingly, especially in the wintertime. Allow the soil to dry out (almost) and then water thoroughly. – Winter care: Your plant will look a bit droopy during the cold months, but only water it sparingly. Begin watering normally in the springtime.
Humidity: Ceropegia woodii is comfortable in most household settings. It does not require high humidity.
Light: The chain of hearts plant appreciates bright, indirect sunlight, but it can do well in a low light setting.
Lower light will result in less contrast in the leaf variegation. Additionally, a low light setting will cause the backs of the leaves to take on a purplish hue.
Soil: Use a cactus potting soil mix or combine a regular potting mixture of soil with sand.
Fertilizer: During the growing season (spring to midsummer) use a balanced fertilizer for houseplants. Follow packaging instructions.

Packaged using principles of sustainably; repurposed/recycled paper and cardboard.

Orders from October-April are recommended to order a UNI-Heat Pack (an item in our shop) to avoid possible cold damage.

For further questions just shoot me a message! I am happy to answer any! 🙂


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