Variegated string of hearts Plant, (SOH), Local, large pot, house plant



Variegated string of hearts Plant

Variegated string of hearts plant! Also includes a silver glory vine,

This is the exact plant in the photo, the plant also shows new growth! Once again the plant has both variegated and silver glory strings… see photos 🙂

Exciting, it’s healthy and I’ve had it quite awhile

We ship mondays 🙂 and we do our best to package these plants perfectly. We try to respond quickly to every message and provide top notch service! If you have a question please ask!:)

This plant has some pink & white variegation 🙂 really cool, these are up their on my own list.

It’s a mixed bad of String of hearts, variegated, a few strings of silver glory

Thanks for you looking!


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