Zamia Furfuracea Varigated

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Zamia Furfuracea

Item description : 1 well rooted seedling in a 1,4 liters with a 2.5cm caudex.The plant for sale is the plant on pictures. All the leaves bear a varying degree of variegation. Some leaves appear less marked because they grew under greenhouse that makes the variegation appear less evident.

Habitat and Description : Variegated form of the well known Zamia furfuracea, a robust Mexican species that is sadly in danger of extinction in its natural habitat.

Care : Easy to grow under a variety of climates, will enjoy shade or sun. If you want to keep a nice variegation it’s essential to keep the plant under direct sun, if the plant is cultivated in the shade the variegation will remain present but less visible.

Cold hardiness : Zone 9b

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