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1x Philodendron caramel marble variegated


– This photos is a the exact plant

– In one box can order combine plants maximum 12 plant without import permit.
– For the exact plant you will receive photo after you complete payment.
– Our schedule to ship every WED
– Cut off on date is friday (Need to prepare plant to ship) To avoid late ship please complete payment before that time
– Don’t forget to put phone number in personalization

Please read our Policy Before buying.
What does THE AIP cover?
– Dead
– Incorrect plant
– All packages that meet the requirement below

Specific things the AIP does not cover:
– Minor damage on foliage
– Fungus
– Natural changes *Leaves off (turn brown), root rotten or caused by preparing stage & shipping (SPECIFIC TO ANY MONSTERA It’s really easy to get root rot and yellowish)
– Lost or stolen packages

1.Package must be accepted on first delivery attempt for the AIP to be valid.

2.It is the buyer’s responsibility to contact us in writing within one hour of the first delivery attempt, after the initial hour the AIP becomes void, and any claims thereafter will be handled at our discretion. Please note, the limited amount of time given to file a claim is only to ensure the plant is not left outside in extreme weather conditions for an extended period of time before acceptance. We guarantee the plant will arrive alive, but cannot guarantee it will survive being left in extreme temps for more than an hour.) We can hold paid orders on request and we provide tracking for every order we ship. In addition, if you prefer to have the delivery address changed to a neighbor or your place of employment to ensure timely acceptance please send us a message.

3. A minimum of 3 photos must be sent with the initial contact within the first hour, and must include one photo of the packaging it arrived in, one photo of the damage and one photo of the whole plant in its original package. These should be clear photos taken in a well-lit area. In addition, we may request that you send additional photos to help us best determine the quickest way to resolve the issue.

6. There was no return or refund in any case. Only reship in the same value if plant were missing or died from shipping only.
6.1 To reship buyer must pay the shipping cost.

7.Some plants might have some little spots or a little yellowish edge due to our hot temps or sun exposure but newer, younger leaves come out with beautiful white variegation then they turn creamer tone as they mature or get a bit darker if exposed to lots of sun or warmer temps.We do not take responsibility for yellowish or fallen leaves,please understand.

8.International customers be aware of the quarantine restrictions in your country During the covid situatiom some country might take many week to be delivered. Custom clearance in the destination country is the buyer’s responsibility.

9.Ship to USA,Canada,EU,UK,SG,HK,JPN For other country Please PM.
9.1 Indonesia,Philipine must have import permit to importing to your country


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