Hoya Krohniana Super Silver (Rooted)


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General Info; Hoya Krohniana Super Silver

Hoya Krohniana Super Silver Needs.

Like many other Hoyas, Hoya Krohniana Silver enjoys bright, indirect light. In nature, it is shaded by larger trees above it. So only indirect light or dappled direct light works for this one. Too much direct sun will burn the leaves or dull them.

Water & soil needs

The Hoya Krohniana Silver plant’s water and soil needs mirror those of most other Hoyas. That is, wait until the top several inches of soil have dried out before watering the plant again. You might even just want to pick the pot up and see how it feels.


Hoya Krohniana is native to the Philippines, and its gorgeous green and silver succulent-like leaves have a heart-shaped finish

Hoya Krohniana Super Silver
Pictured in a 2″ pot.

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