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Premium Quality Variegated Billietiae – Extra RARE Collector Plant


We cannot emphasize enough the importance of having proper winter protection at all time especially during winter season like this. If your local night temperature falls below 45F you will need to protect your plant(s) with heat pack. And they can be purchased
Heatpack will work properly only when the package is properly insulated. When you purchase a heatpack we will will ship your plant in a fully insulated foam box for proper temperature retention as generated by the heatpack. For large items such as upright cactus 2 – 3 heatpack may be needed. When your region is under severe winter weather below freezing, we will hold off and delay the shipping to a more appropriate weather and reschedule your shipment. We will not be able to cover your purchase due to death on arrival (DOA) due to cold in absence of proper winter protection as that have occurred in the past. We thank you for your understanding.

Special order service is our one on one premium service offering for which we search and match the right specimen to our customer’s wishlist dream plant.

Note to International Customer: This highly renowned plant is available for international shipping. Phytosanitary certificate will be required. Custom delivery method upon request. Check your local import restrictions where it may applies. For international order, message us for a one on one discussion prior to placing order.

Note to our customers, we do not engage in selling of single leave cutting or node. Single leave cutting / nodes are high risk and as future variegation are unpredictable and unreliable. We only carry special full plant product as we take on rare plant collection very seriously. We were approached by our customers on a weekly basis asking us these questions but we really asked our buyer to stay away from a node as you may never know the quality of the node. Also, tissue culture Billietite (seedlings) are not of good quality and hardly produce any premium quality variegation consistently like you seen at a plant show or via social media. Because of its inability to be mass produced by TC, this plant remain in very few in circulation. Even the plant we come across with, 4 out of 5 plants are not of premium quality which we will reject. We are primarily in the ultra premium rare plant collection market. Because of liability reason, we do not endorse or advocate any sellers out there as quality can drastically varies from time to time.

Also, premium plants are sourced on a plant by plant basis, please do not ask us for current selection or what’s available in stock. Once we engaged working together via special order service, we go out our way to select the best available specimens possible to help ensure long term success of your rare plant performance. Our special order service is our premium one on one plant services which we work with our client one on one to educate and share current industry trends.

The purchasing and selection process requires us to properly and carefully educate our collectors and potential customer, and then we dedicated our efforts to help them match to their dream plant as much as possible. Many of our collectors do not buy our plants and resell, rather they are very serious in the collection hobby and will take their plant to their fullest potential. So we reserve the right to decline working with anyone with the specific intend to resell or chop the plant into pieces.

Plant Descriptions:

I am having goosebumps as I am typing drafting this epic listing. I have been sitting on this plant thinking about what I should write about it. Some say each plant has a unique characteristic much like dogs showing high resemblance to a particular human personality.

This plant is a lot fun to look at and to write about. It’s huge but humble, it’s colorful and creative, it’s architecturally sounded and its tough. It continues to surprise everyone with its random color variegation. It has so may layer of complexity. Its very unique. Its special just like every one of us.

If a person can be plant, it’s definitely this one. It’s cheerful, it’s unique, and it brings on a great smile to everyone’s face. Random colorful patterns of green, lime and cream, structurally sounded orange stems, who doesn’t want to stop for a moment and look at this amazing wonder?

Watch it in the morning, talk it with some friends, let it become the center of attention, let its glory shine during a show where many would admire from afar with glaring glows in their eyes.

They say we grow with wisdom as we age. This plant would grow to become spectacular wonder. With its leave span over 5 ft or more, it still have a long journey to grow.

Make a space for this spectator wonder, in fact, make a large permanent space as you will need let it shine. There won’t be any disappointment.

This plant will only be shipped within the USA. Because of the rare status this has achieved, we can only offer this plant via special order at the moment. When you trust the process and utilize our professional special order service, you will get a beautiful plant. You will be protected by ETSY’s buyer protection guarantee, and we offer a no lemon policy for your special order.

How Special Order Works:

These plants will be imported per each individual special order. These type of orders are custom made and designed for you personally. Full payment is required to initiate the import / inspection / shipping process. Your commitment is needed.

For some special order plants we will be able to furnish exact plant photos / videos before commitment. While other we will need to jointly work with you one on one to search after payment cleared. Check out the photos for some of the previous special orders we are able to secure for our customer.

Variegated Billiatiae has a very high collection status in the rare plant collector world, and individual plant is purchased thru our broker who source this plant from a group of private collectors.

If you have a specific plant need, please feel free to reach out to us to assist. The search process for variegated billietite will take up to 4 months to complete for the exact specimen you desire. Finding good quality plants takes time.

You will receive personalized custom service along each step along the way.

Receiving Your Special Order Plant:

Option 1: Upon successful import, we inspect the current health situation of the plant and transship to you right away in bareroot. We will keep you inform and show you photos of your plants and you will decide if you want to receive the plant right away. Utilize this option if you are an expert in dealing with rare plant and do not mind to handle your purchase from Day 1.

Option 2: Free acclimation service, this service is for those we want us to help transition the plant, where we help acclimate the plant over the period of 3 – 4 weeks, allow the plant to stabilize and acclimate successfully during this period. Your plant will be ship in our custom aroid mix with new roots establishing / growing. Utilize this option if you want us to help and bring out the best success for this plant.

All shipping will be via USPS Express shipping. We will be unable to ship during last 3 weeks of December due to the holidays. We want to ensure the best delivery of this plant. If you happened to place an order during this period we will delay the shipment until after the new year. We will provide complementary 72 hr heatpack if your plant needs it. We have ship thru winter just fine without issues.

Buyer Protection:
We will issue refund on non-performance (ex: damaged foliage, broken stem, seized shipment from inspection)
Your money is fully protected by ETSY buyer protection program if we failed to delivery or when we violate trade / transaction terms we both agreed upon


Please do NOT finish your purchase without having a one on one private conversation.
Please do NOT order if you are not serious about collecting exotic beauty.
Please do NOT order if you do not have previous experience of caring for other similar philodendron.
Please do NOT order if you are busy and don’t intending on providing proper care of this plant.
No refund will be issues beside thief or shipment loss.
No refund / exchange will be made upon successful delivery or acceptance of the original delivery in good conditions.
Full payment required upfront for all special orders.
Buyer will be examined for qualification to ensure the necessary credentials are properly met. Seller have the right to refuse sales of this item.


Your plants always ship FREE via USPS.

If you want to upgrade to UPS shipping, please use the following link and select the appropriate upgrade option as needed:

Based on our shipping and handling experiences, if you like to improve the overall delivery quality of your plant investments, we would recommend you considering upgrading to UPS which seems to be our preferred method of delivery.

UPS are reliable for the most part but they no longer offer full guarantee time of arrival based on services employed. In our experience, nearly all of our package arrival on time with exception of severe snowstorm or unusual circumstances. We are happy with the UPS service offering.

We have a variety of UPS service upgrade available:

1. UPS Ground Upgrade – typically deliver anywhere in US between 2 to 5 business days. They do not ship over weekend – +$5

2. UPS 3 days Upgrade – 3 business days arrival – +$10

3. UPS 2 days Upgrade – 2 business days arrival – +$20

4. UPS Express Upgrade – Next Day Arrival – +$38

In our opinion, this upgrade option is very good to protect your valuable plant investment. For ultra rare specimen, we highly recommend it as that would create the least amount of stress for the plant. Those who utilize it truly enjoy the timeliness of our services and were thrilled to find their plants arriving in stellar conditions.

Do consider upgrade when your region is projected to have extreme cold or extreme hot weather. We try to avoid all our shipment to spend its weekend at the delivery facility at all time.


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